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Spesial Promo Calya Akhir Tahun Toyota Cikupa 2019

CALYA Spesial Akhir Tahun !!
Cuci Gudang…

Calya 1.2 E M/T STD (141.800.000)
DP: 21.910.000
Angs: 3.210.000 60X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 2.970.000 60X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Angs: 3.610.000 48X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.400.000 48X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Calya 1.2 E M/T (144.700.000)
DP: 22.490.000
Angs: 3.280.000 60X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.010.000 60X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Angs: 3.680.000 48X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.470.000 48X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Calya 1.2 G M/T (150.900.000)
DP: 23.730.000
Angs: 3.420.000 60X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.160.000 60X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Angs:3.840.000 48X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.610.000 48X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Calya 1.2 G A/T (162.900.000)
DP: 26.130.000
Angs: 3.660.000 60X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.410.000 60X (Asuransi Kombinasi)

Angs:4.110.000 48X (Asuransi Allrisk)
Angs: 3.890.000 48X (Asuransi Kombinasi)


Hub: 085216250049
Frans Andika Pardosi


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